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European Stormchaser Convention 2008

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European Stormchaser Convention 2008

Postśroda, 9 lip 2008, 09:00

Hi all,

from 08th - 10th of august 2008, the Stormchaser Europe project and
Skywarn Germany are presenting the 2nd European Stormchaser Convention
in Uelsen, Germany. Already last year, chasers from various countries
came together to meet, exchange information and have fun.

There will be an interesting program which - at any time - can be
interrupted for chasing if a convective weather situation occurs.

Infos and program available on


Call for papers

People who are interested in giving a presentation at the convention are
very welcome. Presentations can be in German or in English. Please
contact the project coordinator Sven Vößing
<sven.voessing@stormchaser-europe.com> about your topic idea and the

I need response here asap :)


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