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Private weatherstations wanted!

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Guido Richter EastDE

Private weatherstations wanted!

Postśroda, 16 lip 2008, 05:27


My name is Guido Richter, I live in Germany (Saxony at the moment (not far from Poland, supercells often develop here and move eastwards), in Hamburg soon) and I'm the leader of the Wetterpool/PrivaMeteo project.

The current project can be found here: http://www.wetterpool.de
The following project will be there: http://www.privameteo.de

What is the current project about?

Wetterpool collects data of private weatherstations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Denmark, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein. We display the data in a special way (simple data maps but also some nice plot maps).

What will the following project be about?

The new project will set new standards for data quality, map flexibility and communication. Some features:
- Huge data controlling center
- Verification of weather stations
- Time to give advice and knowledge to weather station owners to improve their measuring conditions
- Flexibel and detailed map engine which covers the supported states completely, zoomable and user defined standard views
- Special weather forum only developed to keep up communication about weather and station hardware/software
- When our plan works well: money in cash for every verified weather station, if someone asks to buy centralized data or advertising income exceeds monthly server costs

Our vision:

- Improvement of data quality
- Feedback for weather station owners, who spend a lot of money to keep their stations running and up to date
- Steady improvements and new states (just EU)
-> A big project, working prolific for private meteorology at general

What we need:

Until 2009, maybe 2010, the new project is ought to start. We currently try to establish connections to the different states. We hope that interested people communicate with us and maybe help us in different questions. For example: How many private weatherstations are there (approximated)? Are there translaters like we already found for France, Denmark...?

We look forward to here from you and we are sure there is big potential in THIS(your) country.
Guido Richter
contact: admin@wetterpool.de

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Re: Private weatherstations wanted!

Postczwartek, 17 lip 2008, 13:56

Hello Guido

Your project is very interesting for everyone who’s intersted in weather conditions and weather in common.

I’ll try to describe situation in Poland in this matter.

Actually in our country exist one project similiar to the Yours. The project name is AMT („Amatorski Monitoring Temperatury” which will be “Amateur Temperature Monitoring” in english). Their website is here:
http://amt.achjoj.info/index.html (unfortunately only in polish)
They have 30 weatherstations but only 16 of them working good, 3 stations are turned off, and 11 doesn’t response. And one thing: they measure only temperature so far.

Of course there are more private weather stations in Poland, but i can’t tell you how many stations are here exactly (even approximately). I think, most of their owners don’t even know about Wetterpool/PrivaMeteo Project and use their stations only for they own.

As to the our community (i mean Polscy Lowcy Burz): as far as i’m concerned only few people here (maybe 10) have their own proffesional weatherstations at the time. All the stations work apart of each other and they are not connected into any kind of network so far. Actually another few persons here are plannig to buy their weatherstations. We are quite young organisation, but we develop fast, so i think that in 2010 we will have at least a few dozen of stations. I think that most of weather stations owners would like to connect it into our own network, but there haven’t been any final decision yet and none work have been done. It’s hard to build such network from scratch, becouse it requires a lot of work (hardware, software, and cash of course). So i think, that feedback for weather station owners (as You mentioned) could be encourageous for potentially owners in Poland as well. And I agree with Yout: we have big potential here in Poland.

And one request: could You give us some more details about technical requirements, e.g.:
- type of weather stations that could be connected,
- requirements about internet connection speed,
- software needed
- other requirements, you think, could be important for us

ps. sorry for my english ;)
i hope you understood everything i wrote

Guido Richter EastDE

Re: Private weatherstations wanted!

Postpiątek, 18 lip 2008, 23:10

Hi Bartek,

thanks alot for you answer! It's the first forum where my post is not deleted or decried. Often I read things like "The project seems to be commercial (remember, I will GIVE money), we don't want advertising here...bla bla".

So this forum is the first and I'm happy to read that the private community here mya be open to the project. I can promise one thing: We won't try to destroy any national projects or other kinds of meteorology ambitions. We just want to unite private weatherstations to create central-european weather maps for quick or detailed overview, continental as well as national. All features provided by us and fed with private data will be free for data-owners - of course.

I'm also rejoiced in your analysis of current weatherstations - that's neccessary and helpful. If people in this country are really interessted joining the project, I could imagine you as something like a "contact man" between german project team and your national weather community. I suppose that most of the owners don't speak german or even english. We already have such contact mans for france and denmark and it's a very useful thing.

Answers to your questions:

Our project does not depend on special types of weatherstation hardware. Useful of course are stations like Vantage Pro 2. In Germany there are some other types from "ELV" or "Conrad". What station hardware is mostly used here? The main things are: Good measuring conditions, ability to contact the owner, e.g. when false data is produced, will to improve the station, e.g. radiation protection, ventilation...

Much more important! In Germany we mostly use "WsWin", "WeatherDisplay", "WeatherLink" or self-developed software. Every software currently generates a data-file from a template-file. The data-file is uploaded by the station owner and queried by our update-software.

In future we will develop a data-interface for direct-post, which means, that data is directly transmitted from station software to our project - no private website of the owner is needed.

So the main question is: Which software is mostly used in poland? What methods (website-upload, direct-post...) is used in national projects (ATM)?

So all in all your currently need:
- weather station hardware -> weather station data recording software
- own website
- FTP uploader for own website
- internet connection

Later you will (only) need:
- weather station hardware -> weather station data recording software with direct-post method
- internet connection to automatically send data to data-interface
(no website and no uploader needed)

Internet itself:
Since we show only recent data, every owner can decide how long his computer is turned on. Ideally it's turned on 24/7. You don't need big DSL-streams or so, because depending on refresh-rate your upload will only be some KByte's/hour.

Other requirements:
Nothing else like I described above, but generally it could be useful or neccessary to have:

- translaters Polish <-> English/German
- a contact man, ideally with own station
- nearly identical station software used in order to concentrate on the most important software (In Germany it's sometimes hard to make all software-methods and data-files work correctly so that the weather maps show controlled and correct data)

As I already said: Thank you for answering and for interest. Bad English is no problem - Nobody is perfect and the main thing is to understand each other.
Guido Richter
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Re: Private weatherstations wanted!

Postsobota, 19 lip 2008, 14:46

Hello Guido

Today I posted an Ad on this topic of our forum:
viewtopic.php?f=125&p=15230#p15230 (you must be log-in to read this topic)

In that Ad i described your project in polish language. If there are any persons in our forum, who would be interested to join to the Wetterpool/PrivaMeteo project, they will be listing there. I also asked those people to give you some basic information about type of weather station and software they have. So therefore, you will be able to see if, and how many people interested in your project we have. Of course it requires some time to inform all people in our community about Wetterpool/PrivaMeteo project, so you must be patient ;)

As to your questions:

Guido Richter EastDE napisał(a):So the main question is: Which software is mostly used in poland? What methods (website-upload, direct-post...) is used in national projects (ATM)?

1. Well, to be honest with you, i don't know what kind of software is used in Poland (i don't have my weatherstation, so don't have any experience too).
2. In AMT they are using direct-post method (.txt file) to send information from weatherstation owner to database center, but i don't know anything about their software.

Guido Richter EastDE

Re: Private weatherstations wanted!

Postsobota, 19 lip 2008, 15:27

Hi Bartek,

thanks alot for posting a topic in your language - it's a great act of friendship in my eyes!
Let's hope some people react on it to build up a general information basis at first.

So have a nice day, I will observe the topics from now.
Guido Richter

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