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Hello from Colorado

Tell us something about you.
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Shane Linke



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Hello from Colorado

Postsobota, 18 sty 2014, 21:32

Hi everyone!

My name is Shane and I'm from Denver, Colorado in the United States. I'm a weather enthusiast that loves all types but mainly supercells and tornadoes :D.

A little info about me....I was born in Denver and have lived in Colorado my whole life. I went to college at Colorado State University and originally studied Atmospheric Science before switching to Computer Science. Right now, I work as a database and system administrator in Fort Collins, Colorado which is an hour north of Denver. I have been chasing storms for 3 years and witnessed some of the most beautiful supercells and tornadoes in the US Plains. Besides chasing, I love camping, hiking, biking, spending time with my family and dog, running, photography and just about anything else outdoors. You can see some of my photography on my Facebook page, here: https://www.facebook.com/shanelinkeCO

I also want to thank my new friend Madzia for introducing me to the site. I hope to learn about Poland weather and share my weather experiences from the US with you!

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Magdalena Izdebska



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Re: Hello from Colorado

Postsobota, 18 sty 2014, 23:10

Hello Shane!!! I'm verry happy that You're here, finally ;)... You know what I mean :D.... I hope that You will be write the relations weather from Your areas when the season starts :). And I recommend to all Shane pics, the're incredible beautifull! :) ... Cheers my Friend :).
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