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Supercell in Silesia

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Zbynek Cernoch

Supercell in Silesia

Postpiątek, 15 maja 2009, 07:51

Very interest storm near Polland. Place watching: Větřkovice
http://dobrmanek.rajce.idnes.cz/superce ... etna_2009/
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Supercell in Silesia

Postpiątek, 15 maja 2009, 12:49

Hello, and thanks for your report

Nice looking, low based supercell.

Extremelly low cloud top temperature (picture below) means it was also high topped storm.

(Source: http://www.chmi.cz/meteo/sat/avhrr/data)

In the picture above, so called “Cold-ring” shape may be also noticed, as well as Central Warm Spot (CWS). Both features are not developed well, though.

This picture:
http://dobrmanek.rajce.idnes.cz/superce ... G_9760.JPG

looks like some rotation was visible (meso ?)
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Supercell in Silesia

Postpiątek, 15 maja 2009, 13:21

I guess we're talking about same storm that passed Cracow and went to the NE direction(?), It was a very strong supercell storm idd, guess we're pretty lucky that it didn't cause severe damage. Personally I missed incoming shelf cloud cause of exam :(, tho when I finished and went in front of the university building it was just above me, seriously a thrilling thing, first time in my life I was afraid of the storm! Luckily I got back to my car but driving was just impossible cos visibility was near to 0 - wall of rain. We're chasing that supercell after a while with Paweł Cholewa but it was hardly possible to catch it up considering polish roads and speed of the storm ;)

Impressive clip from YT:

Clip 2 made by Paweł Cholewa:

Overall raport from Cracow:

Good photos Zbynek! Greets!
Pozdrawiam, Filip
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Supercell in Silesia

Postsobota, 4 lip 2009, 22:47

This supecell storm was in Nowy Sącz too... ;) Thunderstorm was very strong... and the baby had a beautiful shelf-cloud. Hail was big about 1 cm :D Photos: ;)

Supercell- far the Nowy Sącz :)
http://picasaweb.google.pl/mikimeteo/11 ... 6144898850
Shelf cloud:
http://picasaweb.google.pl/mikimeteo/11 ... 3538132514
Shelf cloud:
http://picasaweb.google.pl/mikimeteo/11 ... 3419247090
Lighting strike ;) C-C:
http://picasaweb.google.pl/mikimeteo/11 ... 4585305906

Then, there was hail storm with heavy rain.

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