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The only foreigner on Kowaniec :P

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Clint Hotvedt



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The only foreigner on Kowaniec :P

Postniedziela, 16 lis 2014, 11:12

Hey everyone,

I'm Clint, 32 years of age and have been reading here for the last year or so before I finally had the guts to sign up for an account - primarily because before I moved to Podhale (was living in Kraków for three years before) my Polish was virtually non-existent. It's still quite bad, but fortunately, the outskirts of Nowy Targ are much better for learning the language than the city centre of Kraków, but still for a while, expect longer posts in the English language parts and far shorter ones in the Polish threads... :oops:

I'm originally from Minnesota but grew up in the Netherlands, and as long as I can remember I'm drawn to the mountains and have been passionate about weather and climate. As a thirteen-year old I would go out "stormchasing" on my bicycle in the flatlands around Nijmegen, NL - this was well before there were digital cameras or even cellphones. Having a car, and a 4G internet modem in my phone to which I can hook a netbook up has certainly made everything more interesting and comfortable 8-) Through my studies I got quite close with the people from Koło Geografów UJ, which made me quite acquainted with beautiful Małopolskie and as such, it was not a hard decision to go and move here at one point. When living in Kraków I met my wonderful Góralka who showed her hometown where I felt right at home myself :D Through me, my biochemist Monika has gotten quite interested in weather and climate herself, so we make a nice team nowadays :)

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