European-Stormchaser Convention 2009

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Thilo Kühne
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European-Stormchaser Convention 2009

Postautor: Thilo Kühne » niedziela, 23 lis 2008, 23:21


the annually ESC (European Stormchaser Convention) 2009 is going into its last plannings.

It will be held from July 31st 2009 to August 2nd 2009 in (probably to 99%) Bad Kissingen in north-
western Bavaria, central-southern Germany.

All of you Polish chasers and/or weather enthusiasts are truely and warmly welcome to join the European Stormchaser Community within the ESC.

Last year's convention saw lots of chasers and enthusiasts and even experts joining together three days hearing/listening to talks about special themes or even joining barbequeing ;-).

I will update this information for you when further information comes up.


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European-Stormchaser Convention 2009

Postautor: Artur_Surowiecki » poniedziałek, 24 lis 2008, 03:34

Hi Thilo,

Many thanks for information ;) .

Of course we want to meet with Stormchasers from European countries. I think that European Stormchasers Convention is very good place for it. We can talk about stormchasing experience and interesting, severe weather events (for instance tornadoes on 15.08.2008 in Poland). I hope that some Polish Stormchasers will be able to arrive on the Convection ;).

Nawałnice, tornada w Polsce dalej zaskakują.
Pozdrawiam, Artur

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