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Current Weather/Updates:Newport, Shropshire.England (2012)

Posted: Saturday, 27 Oct 2012, 02:06
by Edwardo_Uk
Sobota 27.10.12

(Nie pierwsze mroze, ale napweno juz czuje sie jak Jesien!) - Current temp 0C, (prognosis -2C) mainly clear skies, wind:NW 13mph, 1017hPa rising.

Windchill factor=brrrrr ;)

Ps, some places in Scotland and more recently N/NE England have had their first snow this season, even down to sea-level.Coastal areas more prone to showers coming off the North Sea, some pushing a little further inland too, also added risk of temporary accumulations in places by morning - localised thunder/lightning/hail reported too.Europe's first quite potent cold-spell has arrived..

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Posted: Sunday, 28 Oct 2012, 12:28
by Edwardo_Uk
Sunday 28.10.12

No frost/sunshine this morning, unlike yesterday when temps fell to -2C leaving a widespread frost for many.

Current:Mainly cloudy with occasional rain showers, temp 8C, wind SW 10mph, 1013hPa falling slowly.

A milder feel today with more rain expected - typical Autumnal weather, and into the foreseeable more of the same with some potentially disturbed weather into next-week as the Atlantic yet again takes over and throws what it can at us :)

Ps, i sincerely hope that any snow-lovers in Poland are enjoying their first Winter falls, i believe it has been a borderline event so some places have seen rain/sleet and others snow albeit of the wet variety.Enjoy ;)

Take it easy!

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Posted: Sunday, 4 Nov 2012, 13:12
by Edwardo_Uk

Hello.Just a quick update as we enter November - the ongoing unsettled theme continues (typical of a UK Autumn..) therefore no big surprises, with some heavy rain/strong winds/night-time frosts and in places, more especially higher parts of Wales/Scotland snow :)

There has also been a convective element with some of the heaviest showers, especially nearer coasts - colder air and still relatively warm seas are always a good combination to get a few local storms brewing, some in fact have been quite strong producing hail/squally winds, localised very heavy rain (probably some great photo opportunities for some!)

Today - a mainly chilly start in many places with a notable Low pressure feature mainly affecting SW/S later S/SE/E England.Temps have been low enough for sleet/snowfall even down to lower levels in places, again high-ground being most at risk as the low pressure continues to push East and into the North Sea with added stronger winds here.So, an early Winter taster for some as the first snowfalls arrive (away from the higher mountains and peaks) ;)

Closer to me - temp 3C, mainly cloudy with patchy light rain at times, wind N 5mph, pressure 993hPa falling.

Outlook:some milder air not far away from tomorrow onwards with subsequent fronts, rain and breezy conditions although some drier, sunnier slots inbewteen -The Atlantic continues to influence our weather, for the timebeing :)

Take it easy! whatever the weather.

EDIT:More news re : todays snow reports in England.Quite a shock for some this morning!

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Posted: Saturday, 10 Nov 2012, 14:08
by Edwardo_Uk
Saturday - 10/11/12

Sunshine after the rain?

Overnight rain/fog has cleared to the east of the UK - leaving in its wake cooler, fresher air with some sunshine and perhaps a few more scattered heavy possibly even locally thundery showers.In general again fairly atypical November weather continues, with nothing too exciting to report and certainly no major signs of Winter..yet!

Current:Sunshine with only some scattered cloud, dry, temp 9C wind SSW 8mph, 996hPa rising.

A nice day for some outdoor activity! hill/mountain climbing, cycling, or walk in the park :mrgreen:

Take it (very) easy :)

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Posted: Tuesday, 27 Nov 2012, 13:05
by Edwardo_Uk
Hello all! as Autumn marches on, Winter is beginning to show..step by step! ;)

Over the past few days or so, some very wet weather has dominated the Uk weather - indeed leading to quite widespread flooding in several parts of the country.There have also been some quite windy conditions too, top gusts recorded 86mph in Wales 83mph SW England and even inland to 55/60mph, enough to cause damage to property, road/rail/ferry closures and very sadly some loss of life.Thankfully the worst of the storms are now over, rain/wind easing but some places are going to be clearing up and bearing the cost/inconvenience for some time yet..

Some links regarding flooding/storm damage etc: ... 1353516294

Current:mainly overcast, some patchy light rain, temp 6C, wind NNW 12mph, 1008hPa rising.

Outlook:a much drier interlude expected for many with any showers mainly restricted to more coastal areas.Temperatures are also going to fall somewhat, single maxes by day and widespread frosts developing at night with also greater potential for some fog, which should it linger during the daytime, temps will remain rather cold.

Final thoughts:Some potentially interesting developments lie ahead (here and of course Europe/Poland and elsewhere re Winter weather, it is difficult to go into detail or confirm at this stage as always time shall tell - nonetheless all eyes as we head into December, a new month and most certainly some new weather! snow/cold lovers may well get their fix so hold tight :)


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Posted: Tuesday, 27 Nov 2012, 14:23
by Ryplej
Do you have it often in England and Wales? I mean those floods? Like each year is the same situation or maybe it's changing somehow?

We all know that english weather is rather rain than sun and there is a lot of fogs in autumn but can you tell us when you look several years back, were there floods in those regions earlier? I'm guessing that you live there whole of your life so you will know better that we do and mostly what hits you will hit us too but in a smaller scale although this is not a rule, it just came up in some of my observations (except winter when circulation is rather eastern).

Here in Poland and in some parts of Europe we will probably have some winter weather this week already. On Friday first snow should fall in some of our voivodeships. Temperature will fall way below zero so apparently real winter is comming.

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Posted: Wednesday, 28 Nov 2012, 12:49
by Edwardo_Uk
Hello Ryplej.

I will hopefully attempt to answer your questions - and yes you're correct i have lived here all my life (my parents came from Poland in the 1960s) and thanks to them i'm able to both write/speak Polish :)

Whilst flooding is not that unusual for us, due to our generally Maritime climate/position/topography and other factors not least positioning of the all important jet-stream (which can influence your weather too - Poland has a more Continental type climate) and of course The Atlantic, where alot of our weather more often than not derives from.

Taking for example the recent flooding into account, the problems really started during our Summer 2012 - on the whole there were some very wet periods of weather (add some large rainfall totals..) and should the heavier/prolonged rain continue into Autumn/Winter then the problems seen above in the news links from across Britain and below where i've added some recent rainfall totals, it has been a little wet! take:Capel Curing, Wales, which is approx 160kmh from where i reside.
Precipitation 72hrs.
Capel Curig (215 m) 84.0 mm
Fylingdales (262 m) 78.0 mm
Keswick (81 m) 64.8 mm
Loftus Samos (159 m) 63.0 mm
Leeming (32 m) 51.8 mm
Raf Mona (62 m) 51.0 mm
Rhyl (76 m) 44.0 mm
Leconfield (7 m) 43.8 mm
Shap (249 m) 43.2 mm
Boulmer (27 m) 42.0 mm
Bala (163 m) 42.0 mm
Valley (10 m) 41.8 mm
Lake Vyrnwy (359 m) 41.2 mm

In some places over a months worth of rain fell in just a day or so! (from around the 21st November onwards)...only now things are beginning to dry up, a very slow process for some who're still underwater!
One thing is for sure - the British weather is rarely boring, yes sometimes we complain about the rain but the worst case is having more extreme conditions for eg., hurricanes/typhoons/blizzards which although secretly we may want (lol) :mrgreen: they do bring with them plenty of other hazards..!

The Polish Summer has overall been quite active in terms of thunderstorms, again the Continental influence is much in your favour here - heat/sun add some moisture/unstable atmosphere, usually=bang! ;)

Winter 2012/13 is shaping up to be a possible interesting one, likewise the potential remains across the whole of Europe - although if i were a betting man, Poland shall no doubt see more extremes in terms of snow/cold etc., as for here in GB? possibly rain/floods oh and some of that fog... :D but we will see, maybe the real cold could reach us too? (December 2010 was partly a very cold month, 40+cm of snow in places and -19C minimum temp, brrr..)

Regards, Edward.
(Ps, keep up your great-photography work!) ;)

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Posted: Thursday, 29 Nov 2012, 12:12
by Edwardo_Uk

Some more news regarding the recent flooding in Shropshire, England: ... s-goes-on/

Current:A sunny but rather cold and frosty start, hereabout overnight temps fell to just below -4C now rising to -1C, wind S 2mph, 1016hPa falling.
More minimas from around Uk:

Cairngorm Mtns (1245 m) -6.0 °C
Tulloch Bridge (236 m) -6.0 °C
Sennybridge (307 m) -6.0 °C
Aonach Mòr (1130 m) -6.0 °C
Strathallan (35 m) -5.0 °C
RAF West Freugh (10 m) -5.0 °C
Eskdalemuir (242 m) -5.0 °C
Glasgow AP (8 m) -5.0 °C
Loch Glascarnoch (264 m) -5.0 °C
Trawscoed (62 m) -5.0 °C
Shap (249 m) -5.0 °C
Cairnwell (933 m) -5.0 °C
Warcop Range (227 m) -5.0 °C
Drumalbin (245 m) -5.0 °C
Shawbury (72 m) -4.0 °C
Great Dun Fell (847 m) -4.0 °C
Prestwick (27 m) -4.0 °C
Edinburgh AP (41 m) -4.0 °C
Bala (163 m) -4.0 °C
Spadeadam (325 m) -4.0 °C
Spadeadam II (286 m) -4.0 °C
Pembrey Burrows (6 m) -4.0 °C
Keswick (81 m) -4.0 °C
Glasgow Bishopton (59 m) -4.0 °C
Manchester (69 m) -4.0 °C

As for the outlook? earlier cold/very cold predictions are being somewhat squeezed! with the Atlantic quite possibly toppling back in...needless to say things could change and should any freezing fog form and linger during the day, temps will stay very close to 0C - likewise the chances of any prolonged, very mild weather here are also low, so the 'mish mash' continues.The transition between seasons can often be a bumpy one, just ask any weather forecaster! ;)

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Posted: Thursday, 29 Nov 2012, 13:25
by Ryplej

Re: Current Weather/Updates:Newport, Shropshire.England (201

Posted: Tuesday, 4 Dec 2012, 03:17
by Edwardo_Uk
No problemo Ryplej :)

Interesting few days here, some widespread frosts and overnight temperatures quite widely between just above 0C to -8.2C in Central Scotland.Daytime temps have also struggled to reach above freezing in some places - Some snow has been reported too mainly over higher-ground but also to lower levels, mainly in the North of the country.
With cold or even very cold air and low pressure systems never far away, the interesting weather is looking to continue this week, possibly beyond?..Winter is set to arrive, anytime soon ;) ... 2_0312.gif ... 2_0312.gif ... 50.240.png

Take it easy! stay warm..brrrr! 8-)

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Posted: Sunday, 9 Dec 2012, 14:09
by Edwardo_Uk
Sunday 9th December 2012.

Hello again everyone.

Winter 2012/13 is so far turning into quite an interesting one - a potential attack of much colder air moving in from the East/NE from Scandinavia/Eastern Europe and the usual Atlantic Westerly influence can only mean one thing? a battleground type scenario! when in all honesty anything could happen here in Britain...from floods to gales and even deep snow, these are difficult times for weather forecasters for the next few weeks and no doubt beyond - A busy period in the run up to Christmas, as for snow at Christmas? pure guesswork involved.In Poland? a very good chance it will snow ;)


Mainly dull and cloudy with occasional light rain showers, temp 8C, wind W 15mph, 1018hPa falling. ... 1355054843 ... 1355054912


Earlier weather-charts and forecasts offered a greater chance of the much colder air currently over mainland Europe & yes Poland to slide further West and nearer our shores? - this still cannot be ruled out completely and temps are set to fall quickly from Monday back down to 3-5C generally with quite sharp night-time frosts for several days.It is later next-week when a complex area of low pressure tries to push in from the Atlantic, initially any rain could turn to sleet/snow especially over higher-ground/mountains..It could also remain as rain? creating yet more flooding problems etc. - so at this stage it is difficult to pinpoint any more detail, like i mentioned before, some interesting times ahead ;)
Either way, the very changeable conditions continue - and with a potential for some quite stormy weather or if this should stay in place..! :shock:

Take it easy! keep warm and stay safe :)

Re: Current Weather/Updates:Newport, Shropshire.England (201

Posted: Sunday, 23 Dec 2012, 21:31
by Edwardo_Uk
Sunday 23rd December 2012

Hi all! :)
Just a quick update from the UK.
The predominantly mild weather continues - as does the rain, rain, rain! overnight temps in some places didn't fall below 13C..below is a table for precipitation reports over the last 72 hour period.And unfortunately in some places the flooding continues to cause disruption to property and travel during a very busy week-end and as Christmas fast approaches!

Stations: Precipitation
Liscombe (347 m) 89.2 mm
Aberdeen/Dyce (69 m) 78.0 mm
Plymouth MtBatten (50 m) 70.4 mm
Cardinham (199 m) 63.6 mm
Mumbles (32 m) 62.2 mm
Sennybridge (307 m) 59.0 mm
Inverbervie (134 m) 58.0 mm
St Athan (49 m) 57.4 mm
Leuchars (10 m) 57.2 mm
Glasgow Bishopton (59 m) 53.0 mm
Strathallan (35 m) 52.0 mm
Stornoway (15 m) 49.4 mm
Altnaharra (80 m) 49.4 mm
Royal Marines Base Chivenor (6 m) 49.2 mm

Kirkwall Airport (21 m) 48.0 mm
Trawscoed (62 m) 47.4 mm
Capel Curig (215 m) 47.4 mm
Wick (36 m) 46.0 mm
Pembrey Burrows (6 m) 45.0 mm

Mild too! ... 1356290878


With a brief drier period today more rain is expected overnight into tomorrow, again enough to add to the flooding misery - a little colder weather may reach the far North/Scotland with perhaps sleet/snow here, especially over high-ground - but otherwise temps are generally around average for the majority of the UK.And the chances of snow over Christmas are very low, ho! ho! ho...!? The Atlantic wins again..

Happy Holidays And All The Best For 2013 :D

Re: Current Weather/Updates:Newport, Shropshire.England (201

Posted: Saturday, 5 Jan 2013, 13:27
by Edwardo_Uk
Saturday 5th January 2013

HAPPY 2013 EVERYONE! hopefully some interesting weather is not far away..

Hello again all - A quick update and summary from England/Uk where the weather has finally settled down and more importantly has become alot drier! temps are average if not slightly above with a mild SSW flow of air, even night time temps are staying well above freezing for many with very little or no frost either. ... 1357384349 ... 1357384408


The generally more settled weather is thankfully set to continue for a few more days yet - until midweek when more fronts are expected to bring wind/rain from the W/NW.Temps will then begin to fall, especially again at night when more widespread frosts are likely - daytime temps nearer single figures, which will feel quite chilly compared to more recent conditions.A week is a long time in terms of the UK weather? and some changes (possibly notable ones) are never far away.A few charts showing a cold/very cold potential for both here and of course Poland/mainland Europe.Brrr..

This could get very interesting or should it arrive, there is plenty of time left for change although Winter could bite back!

Whatever happens the growing signals are looking quite good for cold/snow lovers and perhaps not so for those who enjoy mild and sunny - a new year and some exciting prospects for some, especially it seems mainland/Eastern Europe again, but we shall see if the Uk gets anything which resembles Winter.

Take it easy! and stay safe, keep warm :D

Re: Current Weather/Updates:Newport, Shropshire.England (201

Posted: Sunday, 20 Jan 2013, 03:30
by Edwardo_Uk
Hello from a snowy, cold and wintry England! hope everyone is keeping safe and warm :)

Large areas have received at least some snow, with varying degrees of actual snow depth across the country.Anything between a cm or two to over 20+cm in some places, more especially on some higher-ground.

Some quite low night-time temps have also been recorded with temps also remaining below freezing all day for many.Some daytime maxes did not exceed -5C in more Eastern parts of England and the far North/Scotland.This rather wintry and cold weather mix is set to continue further, with more areas of sleet and snow possible for some, low pressure systems are set to return later today and again into next week.Busy! busy times ;)
Our complicated weather pattern continues - as any milder Atlantic air tries to move in the established cold block and High pressure over Scandinavia is also holding strong! This is feeding the colder air in from an Easterly direction over many parts, turning any precipitation more to snow as frontal systems arrive.Night-time frosts with the added problem of ice is also a problem, some roads still quite hazardous in places.
Current: ... 1358644411 ... 1358644482

Some snow depth reports:
Lough Fea (227 m) 23 cm
Sennybridge (307 m) 21 cm
Little Rissington (210 m) 18 cm
Dunkeswell Aerodrome (253 m) 15 cm
Filton (59 m) 13 cm
Loftus Samos (159 m) 13 cm
Andrewsfield (87 m) 10 cm
Redesdale Camp (212 m) 10 cm
Hereford/Credenhill (76 m) 9 cm
Aviemore (228 m) 9 cm
Benson (57 m) 7 cm
Middle Wallop (91 m) 7 cm
Wittering (73 m) 7 cm
Eskdalemuir (242 m) 6 cm
Leeming (32 m) 5 cm
Marham (21 m) 5 cm
Bingley (267 m) 5 cm
Scampton (57 m) 5 cm
Bournemouth (10 m) 4 cm

News reports: ... -next-week ... ix35lyURsA


This is the hard part! there's a chance that the colder air will remain in situ and bring with it further problems of ice/snow and more widespread overnight frosts.Temperatures will vary across the country as the dividing line between milder air could creep closer to more Western and Southern areas at times.The East and North looking to stay colder and higher ground especially always at risk of seeing yet more heavy snowfall.Some Western and Southern areas could become milder for a time later, of course this situation could change.

Take it easy all ;)