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Heavy rain/flooding - NE Czech rep., 16.5.2010 and onwards

Posted: Sunday, 16 May 2010, 15:21
by Tomáš_Prouza
Northeast of Czech republic (Silesia and Moravia) is experiencing heavy and enduring rain just now. Total rainfall amounts (for 24 hrs) in Silesia have exceeded (at 14:00 CEST 16.5.) thresholds of 40 mm. You can watch this on (click selected region to zoom). But what the problem is, that upper drainage areas of Odra and Morava river are saturated with water from previous precipitation (more than 80 mm in last 7 days).

Thats why water levels began to rise rapidly now. First river which reached highest level of flood activity (state of danger) is Petrůvka on CZ/PL border. Another rivers such as Odra or Olse (Olza) are rising fast and soon will reach higher flood activity levels too. Upper flow of river Morava is still quiet, but rise is forecasted too.

It is forecasted that rain will continue until Tuesday noon with expected total amounts: from 20 mm (western part of Moravia) to 90 mm (northeastern Moravia and Silesia) with possibility of 150 mm in Beskydy Mts. Reaching the highest level of flood activity is expected on Odra, Olse and lower Morava.

Some pictures from Karvina (not captured by me): ... 010/#album
Radar images:
Water levels (drainage area of Odra river):

Heavy rain/flooding - NE Czech rep., 16.5.2010 and onwards

Posted: Wednesday, 19 May 2010, 18:18
by Tomáš_Prouza
After 4 days of constant rainfall it seems raining has finally come to an end...

Accumulated precipitation in Beskydy Mts. region:

13. - 14.5. 6:00 UTC - 20 to 39 mm
14. - 15.5. 6:00 UTC - 4 to 14 mm
15. - 16.5. 6:00 UTC - 13 to 34 mm
16. - 17.5. 6:00 UTC - 50 to 180 mm
17. - 18.5. 6:00 UTC - 40 to 115 mm
18. - 19.5. 6:00 UTC - 20 to 81 mm

It means at some places precipitated about 400 mm in 4 days. More at

Most flood affected rivers were (and some still are):

Odra, Olše (Olza), Ostravice, Lubina - in Silesia Region
Bečva, Moštěnka, Morava - central and northeast Moravia
Morava - south Moravia

All rivers mentioned above reached 3rd stage of flood activity. Morava river is still rising or culminating just now on its lower section. Fortunately there is only one life lost due to floods, but damage costs will rise very high.

Some photos re-posted from our forum ( ... irectlink# ... .../#album ... 2903929286