2. European Stormchaser Convention registration is possible


2. European Stormchaser Convention registration is possible

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Hello Users,
The second European Stormchaser Convention is planned now. I’ve got the following information for you:
The Convention will take place from the 31. Of July 2009 to the 2. Of August 2009. The day of arrival is Friday and the day of departure is Sunday. You can arrive whenever you want, but please don’t arrive earlier than 12 o’clock on Friday ;).

This year we also have a large program. Besides a really good youth hostel with free wlan as well as an excellent accommodation we also have lectures on Saturday from 10 to 15 o’clock. The themes of the lectures you can find on our homepage. Among others we will hear a lecture from Dariusz Wierzbicki. He is our special guest. He extra arrives from Poland. And he represents the polish Chasers and Skywarn Poland.
Who also wants to lecture on the Convention, can inform me, because we are still searching a couple of referees. As good and valuable consideration we leave the visitor’s tax for the period of the overnight staying out. This year we don’t have so many lectures because we want to give you more free time, so that you can get to know each other a little bit better. At the end of the lectures everyone has free time and you can do what you want to do. For example you can visit the city or you can exchange experiences with other chasers or you can do whatever you want to do.
At ca. 18 o’clock we will start our barbecue. We have sausage, steak and potato salad or the like. For this evening we will take drinks on commission, which means you have to pay a service charge of 10 €. But you can drink as much as you want to (Beer/Coke etc.), of course at the appropriate rate. Spirits should be brought by your self, because we don’t pay for this.
Further more is on Saturday a video evening. Everyone can show his videos on a screen. But you have to tell me punctual if you want to show your video, that we can show all videos.

This time we also listed the obligatory costs on our homepage. So everybody can see if it is financial possible. The price is this time a little higher, but this is justified because the accommodation is very good.

The prices are listed on the convention page. ‘Cause this time some Chasers come with their families, the prices are listed for persons under 16 years of age and persons over 16 years of age. Furthermore only teens which are over 16 years old can take part at the convention. Everybody who is under 16 years old has to come with a person who is responsible for him or her.

A registration is immediately obligatory. The resignation term is 14 days. Term of application is in the end of May. If somebody will get sick or is tied up because of a severe case, will get his costs refund. On this Convention everybody is liable for himself.

Here is the Link:

If you have any questions you can ask me and I will answer them.



2. European Stormchaser Convention registration is possible

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