Safety during thunderstorm

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Safety during thunderstorm

Postautor: Krakau » poniedziałek, 23 lip 2012, 12:13

I read the posts at and found mostly right answers but also some wrong.

Most irritations I found on the effect off overvoltage and induced currents.

Overvoltage in houshold electrical networks is possible if a lightning hits direct into overhead lines or other electric network devices and it's current is send through the line. To avoid damage in our house the power cut-off (main switch turned off) is helpfull.

But there is another "type" of overvoltage. Because of the strong magnetic field a bolt induces electric current (overvoltage) in metal structures which are not direct hit - this phenomena is calld LEMP (Lightning Electromagnetic Pulse). This could even occure if we have a strong CC linghtning overhead or a strike (positive or negative) near our house (several hundret meters). The helpfull thing is to unplugg electric devices from the electric network and from antennas. If devices could not be unplugged than we have 3 classes of SPD (Surge Protective Devices). Which could cost a lot.

The effect of induction is also the reason to stay clear from metal fences and other big metal structures (f.e. pipes) during thunderstorms.

So the security of houshold electrical networks has nothing to do with their age.

Greetings Tom
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Re: Safety during thunderstorm

Postautor: Edwardo_Uk » czwartek, 25 paź 2012, 15:45

Interesting read Tom and hi! ;)

Having seen several lightning strikes up, close and personal one thing remains at the forefront of your mind - how random
they are and yes it is best to stay away in relative safety during a thunderstorm (if you can..) - even making all necessary pre-cautions indoors, especially if lightning is pretty much directly overhead! unplugging electrical items etc., etc.

On a final note - yes, storms can be both beautiful and dangerous but without them, without lightning and its direct effect on our atmosphere, life form would be very difficult to support on this green planet of ours..

Regards, Edward.

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