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Czech meteorological radar

: wtorek, 19 lis 2013, 12:41
autor: Tomáš_Prouza
I think almost everyone here knows web-based radar browser ....

New updated version was released on 16th November 2013

What does new version include and what fresh features it brings?

- update interval remained 15 minutes (with 10 minutes possible in the future)
- resolution remained 1x1 km
- when clicking into map and holding Alt key pressed, you will get exact reflectivity (0,5 dBz resolution) above point
- background maps were changed from Google Maps to Open Street Maps due to change of Google data policy
- added displaying of lightning from Blitzortung detection network
- detected lightnings is possible to display in form of 10 minutes or 90 minutes summary
- lightnings are displayed as black crosses + in the right upper corner there is a total count
- cell detection stayed same as in previous version, icon was highlighted and radar lateral projection added (with centering on the cell)
- faster application loading and better tablet compatibility

- professional weather stations - enabling to display (right into map) temperature, wind, weather conditions and cloud cover from CHMI SYNOP stations. After clicking on symbol small window with complete SYNOP report from las hour will open.

- automatic weather stations – displays automatic CHMI stations (including SYNOP) which are able to send automatic measurements. After clicking on symbol you will get graphic output from selected station.

- CHMI warnings - in the case of warning being issued, it will be displayed its extent, duration and content

- stormchaser/storspotter localization- through specialized interface, there is possibility to insert location of chaser/spotter or observer (not only during T-storm). Their position can be tracked in the map. Icon distinguish between moving (car) and stationary (telescope) observer. Clicking the icon will allow you to obtain more info on observer. Updated every 1 minute.

- webcams - displays locations of mainly CHMI HD webcams. Clicking the icon will open last image taken.

Re: Czech meteorological radar

: wtorek, 19 lis 2013, 12:54
autor: ariasz

Re: Czech meteorological radar

: wtorek, 8 wrz 2015, 23:12
autor: Tomáš_Prouza
Many people from Poland asked me about reason, why is no longer SW Poland covered by CHMI radar. It is not due to breakdown, but planned reconstruction and replacement. Bohemian radar Brdy was replaced in May/June, Moravian radar Skalky in August/September. During replacement, missing data are provided by Slovak SHMI, using radar Malý Javorník. It is too far from Poland, so SW region is not covered.

Reconstruction is almost done and if everything will be going well, operational testing will begin on Friday 11. September. Some further outages are possible, but radar data should be public since that date. Coverage will be then restored in the same extent as before reconstrution, so Lower Silesia could enjoy it again ;)

If someone could translate this into Polish and stick somewhere, it could be fine. Actual info can be found on our FB site

Re: Czech meteorological radar

: piątek, 19 paź 2018, 18:52
autor: Tomáš_Prouza
New version of is available since 10th October 2018
Data interval shortened to 10 minutes.

More info at ... ovych-dat/