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Guido Richter EastDE

Germany - Nr 4

Postby Guido Richter EastDE » Saturday, 19 Jul 2008, 14:21

Hello, I'm Guido Richter, currently 20 years old and I live in Saxony, eastern Germany at the river Elbe.

I soon will move to Hamburg to start me career as head of software development in a german weather service company. In my freetime I develop the project Wetterpool(DE,AT,CH) and PrivaMeteo (Coming 2009/2010 with DE,AT,CH,PL,CZ,FR,NL,DK,B). I like sports, music and weather at general.

Another big hobby is stormchasing. I'm mostly chasing in northern Saxony/southern Brandenburg because there are not many people doing this at all. After 4 years of exercise and a lot of information and analysis I could define a local supercell occurance probability which averages around 1 supercell/2 years (2004 with tornado, 2006 (million € damage by hail), 2008).
So all in all I'm very interessted in extreme weather and analysis of such things. Referring to this I started a project called ASTEU (Ascertainment of supercell tracks in Europe) but it's not official yet.

Last but not least I built up my own weather station which sends data 24 h/7 days.

I'm looking forward to translate some of my chasing reports from time to time for this forum and to get in contact with weather station owners in Poland. Why, you can read in my other topic.

Guido Richter
PS: Encouraged by this international corner I also opened one in my project forum. Your forum is nearly the only one which gives foreignern the chance to write in a special forum. France, CZ or others don't provide something like that.

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