Hurricane "Sandy" slams..East-Coast US (29.10.12)

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Hurricane "Sandy" slams..East-Coast US (29.10.12)

Postby Edwardo_Uk » Tuesday, 30 Oct 2012, 03:14

Following days of careful watching and monitoring, this Hurricane has now hit the mainland - quite an unprecedented set-up as two major storm systems collide, bringing with them mayhem in the form of torrential rain, circa 100mph winds, floods, and in places a risk of very-heavy snowfall/blizzards.Not a very nice combination for those in its path! there's no doubting more updates shall reveal more as she pushes further inland..

Here's the current take of this event.

All links below reveal a little more about Hurricane "Sandy", or "Frankenstorm!" take your pick? :shock:

LIVE feed:Chaser Cam:(Na zywo!) ... erCam.html

EarthCam:New York:Times Sq.

Satellite scan image: ... JJvPdFDZIg

Forecast Discussion: ... hlight=off

Worldnews reports:

Current wind reports:

Stations: 33 Gusts
Islip/Mac Arthur (30 m) 81 mph
New York/JF Kennedy AP (7 m) 80 mph
Farmingdale/Republic AP (25 m) 71 mph
New York/La Guardia AP (9 m) 68 mph
Newburgh/Stewart (150 m) 61 mph
Shirley/Brookhaven (25 m) 60 mph
Westhampton Beach (20 m) 58 mph
Montgomery (111 m) 57 mph
Montauk (2 m) 57 mph
W. Plains Westchester C. AP (121 m) 54 mph
Elmira/Corning Regional AP (291 m) 53 mph
Rochester/Monroe AP (169 m) 52 mph
New York (27 m) 52 mph

(Poss downgrade reports - now classed as post-tropical storm, still a powerful storm!) ... e-20121028

More images/info: ... k-city.jpg

View from Times Building: ... ebcam.html ... 2-20121025

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